This Motorcycle Looks Like it Came From The Future

I'm not really a motorcycle guy. I used to ride them as a kid, back when I was invincible and not concerned with crashing bikes at high speeds. But these days, you probably can't get me on a motorcycle. They seem cool and I'm glad people enjoy riding them. But every time I imagine myself on a two-wheeled death rocket, I can't help but picture myself flying hundreds of feet in the air because I swerved to dodge a dog crossing the road or something.

But if I did ride motorcycles, there's a pretty good chance I'd want to ride this one. The Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter bike might be the coolest looking motorcycle I've ever seen. This is a bike from the future, or at least it looks like one.

The entire thing is made from aerospace aluminum, and the engine pushes out 200hp. It's lightweight and fast, and there are a lot of technological marvels built right into this thing.

Only 61 of the Combat Fighter cycles are scheduled to be produced, and if you want one, they'll cost you $114,000. That's a lot for a motorcycle, but perhaps a good price to pay for a bike that will make you look like the baddest Terminator on the road.

What do you think?