This Retro iMac Will Make You The Coolest Hipster at Work

Back when I was in school, the Apple IIe didn't really feel like a cool computer. That's probably because it was mostly used for schoolwork, and schoolwork sucked. You could play games on it, of course, but the games were Oregon Trail and Math Blaster and other educational games that were not even remotely fun. If you wanted cool games, you had to have a PC. Or a Commodore 64. Those machines were the cool ones.

Today, like everything else from my childhood, the Apple IIe has obtained something of a hipster/cult status. It's "retro" and therefore cool. But even though Apple II prices have gone through the roof, it's still a crap machine that only true tech hipsters can love.

But they look cool, and that's the important thing, so if you're looking for that neat retro look but want a computer that actually works, you should take a look at this retro iMac design by Colorware.

It's the same 27-inch Retina Display iMac you'll find in stores, only designed and painted to look like an Apple II. The Apple logo has been returned to its former rainbow state, and even the keyboard and mouse have received the full retro treatment.

It is far more expensive ($3800) than buying the same iMac without the retro design, of course. But hey, if you're looking to be the coolest hipster in your office, this is a small price to pay. Right?

What do you think?