Track Your Entire Life With New App Instant

Are you on your phone a lot? Like, a LOT?

I'm increasingly conscious of how much time I spend on my iPhone. I become even more conscious of this time when I go to a restaurant and I see a table full of people, each staring at their phones and avoiding conversations with each other. Technology is awesome, but what it does to relationships kinda sucks.

If you're looking to take a little bit of control of how much time you spend staring at your phone—and also get some neat statistics on your life in an easy-to-read format—then Instant might be up your alley.

It's a new app available for both iOS and Google. It tracks how much time you use your phone each day in minutes, but it also tells you how many times you've unlocked your phone. That might be a bit of a wake-up call for those of you (like me) who constantly unlock your phone to see if you have any new notifications.

Instant also tracks your fitness (by linking into Apple's Health app), so it can tell you walking time, running time, how much time you've spent traveling in the car and how many steps you've taken. Oh, and Instant also gives you a map of the places you've visisted each day, and keeps a complete history of that data; that's perfect for those of you who consider yourselves lifehackers.

Instant is available for $2.99 on the Google Play store and the App Store.

What do you think?