Turn your iPhone into a great recorder with this Shure microphone

The iPhone can do just about everything. Heck, all smart phones can. Just think about it: in your pocket right now, you have a device that can shoot fantastic photos and video. It can keep your entire life organized. You can browse the web. You can stay in touch with friends. You can play games that are better than the stuff that came out for the last generation of consoles.

Technology is an amazing thing, and no tech has changed the way we live our lives more than the smartphone and the iPhone in particular.

Sometimes technology can help make your life easier. I'm a journalist, for example, which means I carry around an audio recorder all the time. It doesn't sound great, and I often forget it at the house, which means I have to resort to using pen and my trusty notebook. What I need is a way to keep a recorder on me at all times, and ideally that solution would also produce great quality recordings so I can use the audio for podcasts and such.

Clip-on microphones have been released for the iPhone before, but none of them promise the kind of fidelity you'll get from the new Shure MV88 iOS microphone. It features matching cardioid/bidirectional cartridges for stellar audio recordings every time. The construction is solid with an all-metal enclosure, and it works with any device that uses a lightning connector. That means it'll work with your phone AND that new iPad you just got for Christmas.

It also has a Shure recording app that lets you control and refine things like the gain, EQ, stereo width and more.

It's not cheap; the MV88 will run you $150 from Amazon. But for those looking for an upgrade over their standard iPhone recorder, or for something to replace the field recorder they use, this is a great option.

What do you think?