Pass Time at the poker table with the Smart Boy for iPhone 6

Passing time at the poker table isn't always easy. We recently gave you a list of great TV shows to binge watch and help the time go by, and that's great.

But maybe you aren't a fan of TV. Or maybe you're just looking to switch things up, to keep things fresh and prevent yourself from getting bored. If that's the case, then we have something you might be interested in.

Those of us of a certain age remember Nintendo's Game Boy with a high level of affection. When it was released in 1989 (holy crap, we are old), the Game Boy was a revelation. It offered gaming on the go. And the best part? It was bundled with the now-legendary addictive puzzle game Tetris. No longer were we required to sit in front of our TV while waiting an eternity for the straight line blocks to fall out of the sky and save us from certain doom.

Technology has come a long way, of course, and nowadays the games on our iPhones are eons better than anything released for the Game Boy. But sometimes we have a hankering for the old school, for the games of our childhood.

Luckily for us, gaming accessory retailer Hyperkin has created the Smart Boy. It was first believed to be an April Fool's joke because the news surfaced on April 1, and you should never believe anything anyone tells you on April 1. But as it turns out, the Smart Boy is very real, and is currently in development.

Plug your iPhone 6 into the Game Boy-esque Smart Boy, and it magically turns your phone into a handheld device that can play actual Game Boy cartridges. Yes, that means you can dust off those old copies of Pokemon and Dr. Mario, stick them in the Smart Boy, and play to your heart's content while waiting your turn at the table.

Rumors abound that the Smart Boy app will give developers the ability to create new Game Boy games exclusively for the Smart Boy. If that's the case, well, that is just awesome.

What do you think?