Upgrade your daily weather with Sunshine

If you're anything like me, you are absolutely celebrating the current changing of the seasons. Here in Vegas, today's high was 74 degrees, and even 74 degrees feels like heaven after the hell on earth summer we just experienced. The moment I can start rocking out with my hoodies instead of stripping to the bare public acceptable minimum amount of clothing because it's hotter than the surface of the sun outside is the best moment, indeed.

So, yeah. It is fun to monitor the falling temperature. And I'll make a confession: I have, like, 12 weather apps on my iPhone. I have idea why. Maybe I need some counseling. But there you go. I have 12 weather apps. They all pretty much give me the same information, but I check them all multiple times a day the same.

But now, there's a new app that promises to give me different information. Or at least better information, because it's targeted more towards exactly where I am at any given moment. See, with Sunshine (that's the name of the app), I get more accurate reports because the app uses reports from other Sunshine users around you to deliver something called "hyperlocal weather."

But never fear: you can also contribute to these weather reports with just the click of a button. And the more you contribute, the more weight your reports have as time goes on. So you can be a budding meterologist, all from the comfort of your own home!

What do you think?