Want your own private island? Here's an awesome one for sale.

Got $110 million burning a hole in your giant pockets? Ever had a deep, burning desire to create your own villainous lair, one that James Bond would almost surely take issue with?

Today's your lucky day. Sotheby's International Realty has listed this private island, named "Pumpkin Key," for a cool $110 million bucks. It's located in Card Sound Bay in the Florida Keys, which means you can hop on your private helicopter at South Beach, fly 10 minutes and be on your own private island, where you are literally the master of your domain.

You can create your own Jurassic Park. Maybe start an island-wide, three day paintball match with your friends. Or, you can do regular things on the regular stuff on this private island, like the tennis courts or scuba diving in your giant yacht from one of the 20-slip marina slots. You can also relax in the three-bedroom home or one of two caretakers cottages.

Look, if you've got the kind of money required to buy this thing, it's very likely that you already know about Pumpkin Key. But here's one thing you don't know: you and I should be best friends. No, not because of your money. That's just silly. Don't think like that.

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