Warframe Promo Codes and Platinum Generator (2018 Beta)

warframe promo codes

Today I want to let you in a secret resource to discover the latest Warframe Platinum promo code and use the most recent version of the free Warframe Platinum Generator to give a boost to your gaming sessions.

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Warframe is awesome. And it's not only you and me who feel this way - as millions of players get online every single day to play this amazing third-person online shooter game.

Whether you have a PS4, an Xbox One, a Nintendo Switch, or you use your Windows computer to access the game - Warframe is there to catapult you to an exciting world where only the bravest and the smartest survive and prosper.

For the noobs out there, Warframe is a free-to-play shooter game developed by Digital Extremes. People love it because it's free (until you need to get more Platinum, but you know that) and because it combines amazing elements that make it one of the most complex, challenging, and blood-pumping games you can play in 2018.

So, What about the Free Platinum Promo Codes for Warframe?

warframe promo codes 2017
Damn! This looks sexy!

I get it - you are not on this page to read my love declaration to Warframe. You want free platinum, and you want it now.

So, let's get to it.

Let's get to the latest Warframe Platinum promo codes you can use to play and smash your opponents in 2018.

Warfare Platinum Promo Code: List Updated Monthly

Disclaimer: You need to be quick.

These promo codes to generate free Platinum for Warframe expire rather quickly so you need to win the race and use them as soon as they become available.

Here at Stay Stacked we update this list of the latest Warframe Platinum Promo Codes every month in 2018 to give you a regular extra Platinum boost.

My advice? Bookmark this page and come back to test the promo codes and the Warframe platinum generator tool every time you need some free platinum.

Now, about the Platinum codes in the table below. We tested all the codes you see below and all of them worked at the time of publishing this article.

Updated List With the Latest Platinum Promo Codes for Warframe

Item Platinum Promo Code Use the Code
200 Platinum WRFMUmnQ2mOZxwPLTNM Use the Code Here
590 Platinum WRFM59rUDuHTfxPLTNM Use the Code Here
400 Platinum WRFM4bt0fNsdtOPLTNM Use the Code Here
8,077 Platinum WRFMI0n8QtN077PLTNM Use the Code Here
117 Platinum WRFM1qWxt17F8VPLTNM Use the Code Here
777 Platinum WRFMeNH7ue7aE7PLTNM Use the Code Here
390 Platinum WRFMDs39EoyiioPLTNM Use the Code Here
1,000 Platinum WRFMuwhNu01SAGPLTNM Use the Code Here
830 Platinum WRFMD8w3eOBnnvPLTNM Use the Code Here
351 Platinum WRFM351ZuzoLhAPLTNM Use the Code Here
888 Platinum WRFMEZLwE888kXPLTNM Use the Code Here
300 Platinum WRFMX30KqVmypqPLTNM Use the Code Here
500 Platinum WRFMRnhRgFycKSPLTNM Use the Code Here
175 Platinum WRFMJrWuxonStqPLTNM Use the Code Here
270 Platinum WRFMO1dKn27YkdPLTNM Use the Code Here
579 Platinum WRFMzGw579BRNFPLTNM Use the Code Here
820 Platinum WRFMdE8fRR2OgwPLTNM Use the Code Here
1,000 Platinum WRFMoTUIRSrJkmPLTNM Use the Code Here
1,000 Platinum WRFM8DIkuM1aBoPLTNM Use the Code Here

Free Warframe Platinum Generator (v2.0.3 beta)

Latest warframe promo codes 2018
Name, platform, and...BOOM!

Let's agree on one thing: if you are here because you are looking for a free platinum generator for Warframe, this means you don't want to play fair.

Nothing against that, really.

I like shortcuts and I also don't like when I am forced to pay to continue playing a game I love. This whole thing of luring players in with free games and then suck them dry with paid add-ons need to stop.

And until then, we have free generators to help us.

A group of brave ethical hackers has developed a Warframe Free Platinum Generator that helps you get platinum and other items to play for free.

Click here to open the platinum generator

The generator does not require you to use a Warframe promo code. You just select what you want to get, confirm that you are not a bot and enjoy your freebie.

Free Platinum Generator Warframe
now, THIS is a choice I like

Please understand the free platinum code is still in beta, meaning it might not work 100 percent of the time.

If it doesn't work on your first attempt, try again. DON'T GIVE UP!

The guys are committed to developing what they claim it's going to be the best Platinum promo code generator for Warframe that the world has ever seen and I have no reasons not to believe one day will make that happen.

While we wait, however, the latest version of the free platinum generator works just fine.

To use the free Warframe platinum generator with no promo code, click on this link.

Warframe Promo Codes: Why You Need Them?

It's all about the way games like Warframe work. If you want to play for a long time, you need to get resources that allow you to develop your character, evolve, and make sure you have all the latest and most powerful items available.

So, how do you get Warframe money?

Like in most games, you have a few ways to do that:

  • The H.A.R.D. Way: You can play day and night, collect a few more sleepless nights, and use your skills to earn everything in the game
  • The Expensive Way:You can buy platinum online
  • The Promo Code Way:You can use a Warframe platinum promo code to get an extra boost
  • The Generator Way: You can fire-up the beta version of the free platinum generator and use it until it works

Personally, I don't like to pay and I don't have time to put my life on hold and grind until I earn enough to buy what I need. I get my dose of platinum for free through the latest promo codes and the generator.

It's up to you.

Grind it, buy it, or use the latest Warframe platinum promo code and the generator to grow for free.

Either way, I wait for you in the field!

What do you think?