What do you get when you mix beer and tequila? You get Oculto.

Do you like tequila? Do you like beer?

Who are we kidding here...everybody in the entire world likes tequila and beer. Or at least all the cool people do. It's okay to like your scotch (we do) and your whiskey (we do, of course), but we're quickly approaching summer. What does summertime mean? Summertime means tequila (margaritas) and beer (all of the beers).

Some mad scientist genius came up with the idea of mixing beer with blue agave tequila. And if that weren't enough, the resulting concoction is aged on old tequila barrel staves. The rest? Oculto, which is a terrible name for something, but is actually pretty awesome.

What you have here is a lager that clocks in at 6% ABV, but still tastes light enough to get hammered on by the pool at the MGM Grand. We had our first taste of Oculto served ice cold, and let us tell you: this stuff isn't bad. The tequila flavor is very soft at first, and then it hits you and it's like "hello, I am your friend tequila. How are you? Let us have some fun together."

But the tequila never really takes over the entire flavor. This is still a beer, albeit one with some tequila in it. And the really good news? You can drink a few bottles of this and still function, whereas if you drink a few bottles of tequila, you will be asked to leave Las Vegas and never return.

Pick up some Oculto, if you see it. Summer is coming, after all, and this might be the perfect poolside brew.

What do you think?