What to expect from Apple's Wednesday iPhone 6S special event

Tomorrow in San Francisco, Apple CEO Tim Cook will hit the stage to announce some new Apple products. The event begins at 1 p.m. ET; we'll have live coverage here on PokerNews Lifestyle if you're looking for quick updates on all of the cool new stuff Apple unleases.

Today, however, we'll take a look at what you can (and can't) expect during tomorrow's event. From a brand new iPhone all the way to new accessories for the Apple Watch, here's what to look for.


We don't know for sure that the new iPhone will be called the 6S, but it's a safe bet. One year, Apple releases a new phone; the next year, the "S" version is released. The pattern has been the same for years, and there is no reason to expect things to change tomorrow.

As far as the phone itself: the biggest change will be the addition of Force Touch, which is the new technology found in the Apple Watch and in the trackpads of the new line of MacBook Pros. Essentially, you'll touch the screen and it will feel like you're actually clicking it (like a trackpad), when in reality the screen is not moving at all. And you'll be able to press harder for a "deeper" click that can do alternative things such as give you contextual information on a link or look up a word in a dictionary. This is much cooler than it sounds.

The phone will also have upgraded RAM and a faster processor. The camera will jump up to a 12-megapixel version (up from 8 megapixels) that can record video in 4K.


We've talked about this last week, but in short, there will be a new Apple TV that retails for a higher price than the regular Apple TV now found in stores. It will be much faster, feature a graphics processor and a motion control remote that will allow you to buy/download games from the App Store, which is also being added to the box. Oh, and Siri will make her way from your phone to your living room, which is either a good or terrible thing, depending on how you view it.


The long-awaited iPad Pro will allegedly make its debut on Wednesday. At 12.93 inches, this is a positively gargantuan tablet. It will feature Apple's Retina Display, Force Touch, stereo speakers and possibly USB-C ports for connecting peripheral devices.

The 4th generation of the iPad Mini is also expected to make its debut.


Apple should be announcing a release date for WatchOS2, which will be a significant upgrade for those of you who purchased the Apple Watch when it was first released and were not exactly blown away by the original OS.

The company is also expected to reveal new accessories for the watch, including watch bands and more.


The final release date for the newest version of iOS is expected to be announced as September 16.

That's it for today. Will we see all of these things announced tomorrow? It's not guaranteed, but it appears likely.

Will Tim Cook use the fabled "one more thing" to announce a full Apple television set? That's much less likely. But one thing we know about Apple is that they are great at surprises, and we love surprises.

Stay tuned tomorrow morning for our live coverage of the event!

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