Znaps gives you a sweet magnetic charger for your iPhone

Those of you who own one of the MacBook (the best computer in the world) varieties know how awesome the MagSafe magnetic charger is. You simply hold the end of your power cable next to the charging port on the laptop and magnets instantly click the charger into place. A soft yank pulls the cable out of its resting place. This comes in really handy, particularly for people who tend to trip over their laptop power cable, causing their laptop to crash to the floor.

What? I'm just being hypothetical. In no way am I saying I do this on a regular basis. (I do)

Now we have the Znaps Magnetic Charging Adapter, which brings the same technology to your iPhone. This little $10 device (available for pre-order now) features a little connector that fits inside the phone's charging port. The charging cable is also magnetized, and when you move them together, they click into place.

Look: connecting your iPhone to a charging cable is not a difficult process. But if you can make something even easier, wouldn't you do that?

And if you could prevent yourself from tripping over your charging cable and causing your precious iPhone 6 Plus to rocket across the room until it hits the wall, wouldn't you do that?

I would. And I will.

What do you think?