The Caterpillar S60 is the World's Manliest Phone

Manly men know all about Caterpillar, one of the world's largest makers of construction equipment. For those of you like me, however, who spend your time anywhere but construction sites, here is a real thing from the Caterpillar line: The Rigid Dump Truck, which looks like it's the size of a city and can carry about 10 zillion pounds of whatever. Take one look at that thing and tell me that you DO NOT WANT TO DRIVE IT. I bet you cannot tell much such a thing. I can't even make myself say those words. OF COURSE I want to drive that thing.

So, yeah. Caterpillar makes awesome things, like this new cell phone. Yeah, a construction company is jumping into the cell phone game, but they aren't doing it with just any old crap cell phone. This ain't your mother's everyday Android phone, that's for sure. The new Caterpillar S60 is a military-grade, ruggedly constructed beast of a communications device that, despite costing $600, will feel right at home on the construction site, hopefully when you're driving one of those giant-ass dump trucks.

The biggest thing about the S60 is the FLIR imaging technology, which brings thermal imaging to a phone for the very first time. The phone can detect overheating appliances, help visualize heat loss around windows, help you figure out where you need more insulation and more. It's actually quite incredible.

Again, this is military-grade construction, too, which means you can drop it without fear of the Gorilla Glass shattering like your poor baby sissy iPhone. And it's waterproof, too, up to 5 meters for 90 minutes, which will hopefully give you time to fish it out of the toilet on the construction site. And your fingers don't have to be dry to use the screen, either!

And also, look at just how sexy that thing is? That is a manly phone, and I want one.

What do you think?