This Stereo Will Make You Feel Super Cultured

Discerning audiophiles know there is nothing better than listening to their favorite albums on vinyl. We have a world full of modern technology, yet none of our compact discs or iPods have ever been able to replicate the warm, inviting sound of a good record. That's why vinyl is making a comeback, especially for those who can afford decent home stereo equipment to go along with their record collection.

Most record players are ugly, though, and you're probably the type who prefers a clean, beautiful home. If design matters to you, then the aptly-named Stereo Console from Symbol Audio ($4,500) is right up your alley. Featuring a breathtakingly simple design, the Stereo Console pulls double duty as a high-end audio system and a work of art for your home.

The Stereo Console isn't just a record player, of course. You can run your television, iPod and other external devices through it, then switch between them with the push of a button on the included remote control. And the Stereo Console has several features that will no doubt please the ADD-afflicted among us, from wire management to neat and tidy storage areas for your vinyl LP's, DVD's and more.

It also comes in five color variants to better match your home.

If you're looking to upgrade your home stereo while also upgrading your home, the Stereo Console might be the perfect fit.

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