The Suunto Traverse watch looks good while preventing you from being lost in the woods

You ever find that awesome GPS-enabled watches often look like something you'd never wear anywhere but in the great outdoors? They're often packed full of fantastic functions, but you'd never be caught dead wearing them to a fancy restaurant, for example, or anywhere else where you'll be seen in anything other than hiking boots.

The Suunto Traverse ($450) changes that, mostly. This is a gorgeous watch, to be sure, made to be worn in just about any kind of daily situation you find yourself in. But it's also hardy and packed to the brim with features that can help you get lost and then found again in the great outdoors. It comes with GPS and GLONASS navigation and can tell distance, altitude, give you weather alerts and drop digital "breadcrumbs" as you move along so you can find your way back to society without too much trouble.

In the real world, it will also serve as a gorgeous fitness tracker, handling all the stuff like step and calorie counting. It's made of composite steel and has a silicone strap, so the thing can handle just about anything you throw at it.

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