Bang & Olufsen's Beolit 15 Puts Other Bluetooth Speakers to Shame

Bang & Olufsen is a company known for creating world-class audio products that can also double as art. If you've ever been to a B&O store at your nearest high-end mall, you know exactly what we're talking about: they create products that put Apple to shame, in both the looks and high price departments.

But perhaps you're a discerning music listener who wants something a little classier than the latest offering from Beats or JBL. Oh, and you want something portable, too? Something that runs on batteries, perhaps? Allow us to introduce you to the Bang & Olufesen Beolit 15, which might just be the world's most beautiful battery-powered Bluetooth speaker.

Yes, we said battery powered. And Bluetooth. On a single rechargeable battery, the Beolit 15 can provide you with up to 24 hours of high-level musical playback, synced directly from your phone via Bluetooth. With something B&O is calling "True360" sound, you get the exact same sound on all sides of the speaker, no matter where you're sitting. And it has 240 watts of power, which means you're going to get thumping, roaring sounds out of this thing.

It might look like a very expensive picnic basket, but this thing is high quality. It's made of anodized aluminum - the same stuff as the Apple Watch. And you can have two devices connected to it at one time, which makes it either a fun party device or the source of a massive party fight. That part is up to you.

The Beolit 15 is a hefty $599, but is sure to impress the new friends you've made out on the World Poker Tour.

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