Here's What We (Finally) Know About the Apple Watch

Apple's long awaited watch has been shrouded in mystery. We've known what the thing looked like, but we didn't know much else. Until today, that is.

During today's special event in San Francisco, Apple finally pulled the curtain entirely off the Apple Watch, showing off what the watch can do, how much it will cost and when you can get your hands on one.

The base version is called the Apple Watch Sport. It'll run you $349 or a decent buy-in for a $1-$2 no-limit hold'em cash game, and it's made out of a special anodized aluminum and ion-treated glass. We're going to be honest and tell you that we don't know what either of those things mean, but Apple says both materials are incredibly durable and perfect for a watch designed for an active lifestyle. The Sport ships with a rubberized band available in several different colors.

The Apple Watch (the mid-range version) starts at $549, but the price can rise to over $1,000 depending on what kind of luxury band you choose. This version pairs stainless steel with sapphire crystal, which is a fancy way of saying this version is made with better materials and it will probably be more at home during a night out than out on a hiking trail, since it has metallic bands.

And then there's the Apple Watch Edition, which is made of 18-k gold and starts at $10,000. Yes, we said $10,000 for an Apple product. These are available in limited quantities at "select retailers," which means you won't be able to waltz into your nearest Apple Store and pick one up. WSOP Main Event? Or or an 18-k gold Apple Watch? Decisions, decisions...

As far as what the watch can do: there's a whole range of fitness apps that look neat. You can order up a Uber straight from your watch. You can answer calls directly on your watch, which is a feature we've wanted since we were five years old. And you can also send a friend your heartbeat. No joke. That's a little weird.

Battery life is roughly 18 hours, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, which should get you through the day.

If you decide that you want an Apple Watch, you can pre-order beginning April 10. They'll start shipping on April 24, and then you can immediately start creeping out your friends by sending them your heartbeat.

What do you think?