The Human Tool Will Instantly Improve Your Posture and Health

Poker professional Timothy Adams has been sporting an interesting addition to his game at this year's World Series of Poker.

It's called the Human Tool, and yes, that is a weird name for a seat. But the name was intriguing enough that we thought we'd check it out after Timothy pulled Sarah aside to explain how it works and why he's using it.

It's created by a Finnish company that apparently used Google Translate to create the English version of their website. Go there and you will find such gems as:

"Learn how to right rotate your pelvis, that is the solution for may back pains and also the key to African noble posture."

"The ball construction makes the motion of the seat possible to all the directions."

Finglish aside, the Human Tool is a pretty awesome innovation for those of us who spend hours a day sitting in a computer chair. Chances are, that includes you; sitting at your desk while playing online poker for ten hours a day is right up there with McDonalds in terms of things that are absolutely awful for you.

You get the Human Tool—it looks like a standard bicycle seat in a lot of ways—and put it in your chair. As Adams demonstrates in the video, it works with any chair, and it instantly improves your posture simply because there's no real way to slouch or be a lazy bum while you're sitting on it. It forces you to sit correctly, thereby improving your posture, thereby improving your overall health.

The Human Tool is 149 Euro, and can be ordered here. Look, if you make a living by sitting at a desk, then spending a little bit of money to enhance your health is probably a good idea.

What do you think?