This Gorgeous Traveling Chess Set is A Work of Art

I like to play chess. There was a time, back in my youth, when I thought I was pretty good at chess. The truth is that I was never really good at chess because it takes far more brainpower than I possess. In fact, I'm not even good at checkers. Or any other board game, really.

But that doesn't mean I can't play chess, or at least attempt to. I play on the computer and on my iPhone, but there's no real replacement for a real chess set. And if you're on the road a lot, like me, but want to take a chess set with you—one that's easily stored and packed for traveling—well, there aren't a ton of options.

But now, there's this: a gorgeous, timeless traveling chess set from Raw Studios. It costs roughly $420, but what you get is a true work of art that is perfectly capable of galavanting around the world with you .

The set is comprised of interlocking oxidized stainless steel chess pieces that wrap around a rolled up leather chess table. The leather board is hand-cut and hand-sewn to perfect proportions. Even the box is a hand-crafted work of art created using old Victorian machinery.

Everything about this screams pure class. So if you need to take a chess set on the road with you—and don't mind outlaying a bit of money to get the best you can—take a look at this one. It's something you can use and then pass down for generations to come.

What do you think?