IMVU Credits Generator (Hack No Survey 2018 - Beta!)

IMVU Credits Generator

In this article, I am going to share with you the IMVU Credits Generator I found online. It says it uses the IMVU hack that gives you unlimited free credits.

And with no surveys. Let's see if it works for real.


IMVU Credits Hack: What Does It Do

Let's imagine you are not sure why you need a free credits generator for IMVU. Let's imagine you are not even sure about what IMVU is.

I'm here to help.

Understanding what is IMVU is rather easy: it's a super popular social entertainment website where people from everywhere in the world can interact with each other.

Think like a place where Second Life and Facebook meet.

IMVU counts millions of users from all countries. The latest stats (from four years ago) say they have more than three million active users on their site every month.

Wow. Impressive.

IMVU is a place where you sign up, build your 3d avatar, and interact with other players in a parallel universe where you can do whatever you like.

Sex too, as the IMVU porn videos on PornHub show.

As usual, you have two ways of being on IMVU. The paid one, where you use your money to purchase credits to buy things in your virtual world…or the hacked one.

Because with the IMVU Credits hack you can get everything you want in the way you like: as a free rider.

Let's examine how the IMVU free credits hack 2018 version works.

Why You Need the IMVU Credits Hack

Although IMVU comes as a free-to-play social game where you only need to get an account running to begin, there's more to it.

IMVU is actually a freemium product, meaning not everything in the game is 100 percent free. Like on most modern games, you have in-app purchases that cost IMVU credits.

And IMVU credits = your money.

The Credit (with capital C) is IMVU's official currency, and you can earn it by staying on the game (for a lot of time) or by simply buying it.

Unless you use the free IMVU credit hack, of course.

I am on IMVU, too. Not as often as I am on Facebook or on Tinder, but I like to use IMVU - and the reason I am still on the platform is that I found the free IMVU Credits Hack.

The hack helped me continue and progress on IMVU without me killing my bank account. I'm thankful for that.

How to Use the IMVU Credits Hack

This couldn't be any easier.

Of course you need to have a (free) IMVU account and of course, you need to have completed the creation of an Avatar, too.

Then, all you need to do is to open the free credit generator on this page.

At this point, you start a two-step process that uses some known IMVU cheats to get you virtually unlimited free Credits for IMVU.

First, insert your username and the platform you are on.

imvu credit hack
Step 1: Username and OS

On the second step, select how many free credits you want to get through the IMVU Credits Hack.

IMVU Credits Hack 2018
Step 2: Choose how many FREE Credits you want

Then, generate the credits. If everything goes fine and the IMVU cheats are still valid - you will receive the free credits in less than two minutes.

IMVU Free Credits Hack: Survey or No Survey?

Lots of free Credits hack for IMVU ask you to fill out some kind of surveys to progress.

Personally, I don't think it's a big deal - you still get your free credits! - but I know some people go mental when they see that.

This one is an IMVU free Credit Hack with NO survey.

Sometimes, when too many people connect simultaneously, the software might ask you to prove that you are not a bot.

The servers where the hack for IMVU is hosted have limited resources and the only way to keep it free, the developers say, is to ban all sort of bots and automation.

So, if you are lucky, you get your IMVU free credits cheat with no survey. If you are less lucky and you connect when a lot of other people are generating the free Credits through this 2018 hack - you might have to complete one.

But, tell me: is this REALLY such a big deal?

What do you think?