This Device Will Help You Never Lose Your Keys or Wallet Again

I'll just come right out and say it: I lose my stuff all the time.

My wallet is a big culprit; the Spine wallet is so thin and I am so very forgetful at times. But I am also constantly losing track of my keys and other things that are very important to my daily life. It has been this way since I was a child.

I am so thankful for technology and the wonderful things that very smart people have been able to do with it.

Like this, for example: the Tile system is a bluetooth-driven tracking system that will help you find your keys, wallet, phone or anything else. Each Tile costs $25 each, or you can get a four-pack for the severely discounted rate of $70.

All you have to do is attach a Tile to your keys or slip one in your wallet, and you're suddenly able to track the exact location of your missing item. Not only does it show up on a map, but you can also make the Tile ring just by pressing a button on your phone.

It also works in reverse. If you're missing your phone, just hit a button on the Tile on your keys or wallet (or anything else) and your phone will ring out. How cool is that?

You don't have to use Tiles exclusively on your wallet and keys, of course. You can put them on your sweet leather briefcase, your expensive camera, your bike or anything else. It helps you find lost items, sure, but it also serves as a security device.

What do you think?