Poker Sunglasses: the BEST Sunglasses for Poker Players

Poker Sunglasses

In case you are wondering - yes, poker sunglasses are still a thing.

When you sit down at the poker table, you want to hide your eyes.

And since covering up your peepers with the palm of your hand like you're playing peekaboo is a little bit weird and off-putting for the folks sitting around you, you probably want to look into a pair of poker sunglasses that are comfortable and also reflective.

Today, I give you four options for looking sleek at the table while also hiding your eyes.

The Best Poker Sunglasses to Wear at the Table

Ready? Let's go.

Blue Shark Optics - Jonathan Little Platinum Edition ($169)

The first of our "made for poker" sunglasses are these Blue Shark Optics signature Jonathan Little Platinum Edition

Blue Shark says the Platinums deliver "style and sporty sophistication."

They have spring hinges and adjustable nose pads.

The marketing slogan is "Meant to be worn by a champion." So if you want to be a champion, you clearly need sunglasses meant for a champion.

Poker Armor - The Secret Agent ($58.95)

Of the three glasses offered by Poker Armor, we picked these for their comfort level.

They are allegedly the most comfortable and the best poker sunglasses on the market, designed for hours upon hours of comfortable play.

Or, you wear them until you lose all your money, and then you throw them across the room while issuing a primal, guttural scream.

That's what we do, anyway.

Ray Ban Aviator Flash Lenses ($170)

Look, you can't go wrong with classic Ray Ban Aviators.

They're classic and they're still around for a reason: because they work and they look good.

The Flash Lenses feature bright mirrored lenses, and they come in several colors, so you can pick up a few pairs and match them with that sweet new shirt you just bought.

Oakley Prizm Baseball Flak Jacket ($170)

When we were in high school in the 1990's, the Oakley sunglasses were top of the line.

They felt like they were made from space-age material, and they just made you feel like a pretty awesome dude.

The Oakley Flak Jackets still give off the same vibe.

We're huge fans of these polished white frames poker sunglasses by Oakley, but they come in a bunch of colors, and feature sleek mirrored lenses.

Oh, and they are super lightweight, so they won't make your face feel like it weighs ten thousand pounds after hours of grinding.

What do you think?